Business Technology

The Business Technology training provided by the Career Technical Centre will equip you with the skills needed for a job in today’s online business environment. The Business Technology curriculum covers both software applications found in many business settings and general business fundamentals.

During the course of the program, you will learn how to start a business online. Beginning with understanding the different business models that can be applied online such as ecommerce, providing outsourced services and numerous creative methods for building a business online.

Our course covers conducting market research to learn what opportunities to pursue, how to determine your target customer, as well as how to market, sell and fulfill your customers requests. In addition, we cover the importance of having the proper systems and processes in place in order to ensure that as your business grows it can scale without the problems that hold many organizations back.

People trained in the ever-changing world of computer technology are in high demand. Businesses and organizations across the world require people who are knowledgeable and experienced in the use and development of software, and in the setting up and maintaining online business systems.

We discuss these real world case studies of successful startup businesses that have succeeded and why. The program at CTC prepares you to launch your career in the multifaceted and rapidly expanding field of online entrepreneurship.

This program is divided into many short course units which include both online and practical skills. You must show that you understand the material by successfully completing a test at the end of each module and by demonstrating the tasks covered in that unit.

The Web Development Courses, at the Career Technical Centre, start students towards a computer career with a well rounded hands on emphasis in web oriented programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, Javascript and JQuery).

This training is geared towards individuals who would like a career in business technology with a focus on programming. This branch of the training is for individuals who are more technically inclined and have the ability to learn at their own pace with minimal supervision.

Entrance is open to students of all ages and all of our basic courses are completely free.

Our focus at CTC is to provide the resources for individuals to realize their full potential and set a course fro themselves that others may not have taken before. For a better understanding see the video below.